Steps to Achieve Flawless Makeup and Pout


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Hey Ladies,

Today is one of the special days when we talk about makeup. We would always tell you that makeup is our way of life. Sometimes, it could be fun and other times, we are stuck on what to do. When we get to the latter is when you need to have a look at this content. How many of us love showing off our pout? Now, we got you w. we wanted!

Before you can think of applying something on your lips, don’t forget to moisturize them with lip balm. What the lip balm does is to make your lips healthy and lush.

Let us talk about making an enviable pout:

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  • Select a lip colour that would complement your skin tone. Even if it is a nude lipstick, you need to get the perfect shade of nude that would be right for your skin.
  • Wear lipstick if you desire to get heavy coverage.
  • For those who are looking for sheer coverage, make use of a lip pencil and line the lips. Dab gloss or some liquid lipstick on the lips.

Back to our makeup:

You begin with a prime to take care of your concealer and foundation. You desire the type of prime that would suit your skin. Get custom drops that would give you a natural glow that you would love.  Make sure that your conceal takes care of the hyperpigmented areas.

The conceal takes care of the base of the foundation.  With a damp lending sponge you would get an airbrushed look with your foundation.

A conceal can be used in highlighting your makeup.  T. are areas w. you should highlight;  the center of the chin, cupid’s bow, cheekbones, the center of the forehead and bridge of the nose.   Never forget that makeup and the lips shouldn’t e contradicting themselves.


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