Stunning Second Wedding Dress Ideas For The Modern Bride


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T . are two types of modern day brides out t.; well, t. are many types of brides but we are choosing to wrap their characteristics into, conventional and unconventional. However, what most modern brides, especially in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other parts of the world, have in common is the two or more dress culture. That means having a wedding ceremony dress as well as a reception dress.

Having a second dress is a fabulous idea! It is usually lighter and freer than your main wedding dress, allowing you freedom to dance and move about with ease – but remember it your wedding day, so try to be graceful through it all.

Functionality aside, other than your wedding day, what other moments in your life are you allowed to be as extravagant as you want, except you are a celebrity? A second dress allows you to show off your personality and style, just in case your wedding dress fails to drive home your panache.

If you are currently hunting for your second dress, you’re in luck as we’ve curated some stunning second dress options for your inspiration.

Here are 2019 approved second dress ideas for the two types of brides…

For the convention bride

Once a bride makes a personal choice of having another dress, she needs to make sure that while the second outfit doesn’t totally usurp the first, it must also stand its own ground and going with something elegant is a sure way to slay. Your second dress can be in white, ivory or your favourite colour.




Kiki Osinbajo


For the non-conforming bride

For the bride who loves to be a little extra nothing predictable will work. Non-conforming brides do things differently. You’d think that the second dress should simply be less formal than the first but for this bride a second dress is a way to remind her spouse, in-laws and guests that she’s unconventional in more ways than one.

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Jennifer Lopez

Lupita Nyongo bead dress calvin klein

Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein


Miss France & Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenaere in Ziad Nakad

Miss France & Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenaere in Ziad Nakad

crystal design amfie

Crystal Design – Amfie

mihano momosa

Mihano Momosa

Albina Dyla Haute Couture SS 2019

Albina Dyla

Warning: the see-through dresses above are just for commercial purposes. They should be properly lined if you pick such a look for your second dress.

Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned 

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