Style 411 With Rhoda Ebun: How To Style Sequin As Day Wear


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Sequins styling

Sequin anyone? Rhoda Ebun is back and this time she’s styling sequins as a day wear! That’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. Sequins are known for their tiny shininess because of the small discs they feature and they are purely decorative! So truly, they come very difficult to style especially as a daytime look.

Sequin though are timeless trend that tend to be in and out every season but somehow they find their way back. They are largely the go to for a night out because they are sparkly, glitzy and eye catching but the celebrity stylist and consultant is calling out that ‘stereotypical’ styling.

Sequins - styling

(Rhoda Ebun)

Rhoda Ebun is giving the dets via three ways to wear sequin as day wear and where you can wear it to! A major tip she shares is downplaying its flashiness, she says it works for daytime “either by pairing it with understated basics; or Casual foot wear”.

The First Look

she shared is sporting the sequins in a bodycon styled simple with a mesh top, pink snapback and heels adding just enough pop of colour.

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The Second Look
Sequins - styling

(Rhoda Ebun)

She sports a sequin detailed wrap dress look, with the top half done sequin and the ‘skirt’ plain making for a chic daytime contrast. She paired the look with black glossy brogues for a complete day time look.

For The Third Look
Sequins - Styling

(Rhoda Ebun)

She pairs the sequin piece in palazzo pants style with boyfriend white shirt topped with snapback! She did that!

Watch how she styles each look in the video below.

Would you be trying the out the trend as daytime wear? See more styling from her ..


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