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Tips For Styling Your Short Dress Like A Superstar

Ever been at crossroads when it comes to the proper way to style your short dresses? Short dresses are super fun and can be styled to give off either fun and flirty or corporate yet understated sexy vibes!

. are a few tips on styling your short dress the right way:

1. Go For Stockings
style your short dress

(Photo: Dimple Khadi)

If you are not comfortable with showing off your legs, try covering them up with stockings or leggings. This will give you a well put together look and leave you feeling very confident and trendy. Also, this look never seems to go out of fashion so give it a shot.

2. Do the flare
style your short dress

(Photo: Naija NG)

Bring out the playful girly side of you with a short flare dress. It’s a super fun way to get away with having very little length and you get to hide behind folds of fabric if you’re a bit insecure about your hips.

3. Belt it up!
style your short dress

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Some short dresses are made in cuts that might leave you looking awkward. To enhance your curves, accessorize smartly by styling your short dress with a cute belt at the waist. This would not only outline your figure, but also draw more attention to your dress.

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4. Accessorize smartly
Style your short dress

(Photo: Instagram/Chidinma Ekile)

We already talked about accessorizing with belts but it does not end there. A short dress works its magic the most when it is paired with classy, timeless accessories. A simple clutch bag, a cute neck piece that’s not over-the-top, nice boho earrings and a simple head gear (A hat, a beret or even a stylish scarf) would do wonders when paired together with your short dress.

5. Choose the right underwear
style your short skirt

(Photo: Amazon)

Wearing the right underwear while styling your short dress is almost as important as the short dress itself. Ensure not to distract people with your visible panty lines or bras that don’t fit right. Seamless undies are perfect for clingy or transparent dresses. Wearing the right underwear can totally boost your confidence and help you rock that dress like a superstar.

6. Exude confidence
style your short dress

(Photo: Ankara Styles)

You can choose all the right accessories and wear the right cut, but it won’t mean a thing if you don’t feel good about yourself. Once you have chosen a dress and accessories that you are comfortable in and look great in, tap in to your inner confidence. Take pride in your look and believe in yourself. Walk tall, smile and be confident! It will add to the beauty of your dress.

It doesn’t take much to perfect the art of styling your short dress. Just get the right pieces and a beautiful smile and you’re good to go!

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