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styling your t-shirts for work

Styling your t-shirts for work requires a skill that many are still learning. This is primarily because t-shirts have been placed on the casual rack for far too long.

As much as most businesses or companies’ dress code state corporate casual, we know that you can’t push your luck when it comes to casual wears. So how do you incorporate t-shirts into your work style on days that aren’t Friday?

Here’s how you do it!

Pair with a black trouser or pencil skirt
styling your t-shirts for work

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Your t-shirts can be paired with dressy black trouser or a pencil skirt. Make sure the t-shirt is form fitting, always. If you want to go with denim or chinos pants, choose neutral coloured tees. The t-shirt must be tucked in. The dressy nature of the skirt or trouser makes you look professional.

styling your t-shirts for work

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When styling your t-shirts for work, remember that blazers take your outfit from casual to corporate at the snap of a finger. Pair your t-shirts with a blazer. Go for black, white, nude, deep grey or monochrome blazers to give you a corporate look. Your blazer could have ., lapels, rope, belts or be entirely lapel free.

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With a Suit
styling your t-shirts for work

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Yes, a suit. We go for the basic camisole on a regular basis with suits but a t-shirt really goes well it. A smart t-shirt tucked in your trouser or skirt suit is a good switch up. Trust us!


styling your t-shirts for work

Never wear flats. When pairing your usual work wears with a t-shirt, wear heels. Always! The t-shirt gives a casual vibe, but with heels you get not only to balance it but look corporate and sexy as well. Flats make you look too laid-back. You have to appear smart always, especially when styling your t-shirts for work.

Statement Pieces
styling your t-shirts for work

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Whether it is a chunky necklace, a prominent wrist watch or a dropping earring, make a statement. Statement pieces add an edge to what you are wearing. They are a good way to buff up your look.

P.S: Avoid wearing a see-through t-shirt that will show your bra colour or the outline of your cups.

Check out this super fun way to print your own statement tee at home!




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