Do you know all you need to know about your vagina? The things on this list could surprise you.

1. It cleans itself: The discharge is your vagina’s way of cleaning itself. So there is no need to overdo it with cleaning. Soap and water is fine.

2. It changes colour: During sexual arousal or pregnancy, blood flow to the genitals changes and that can result in a color change making it a deeper, darker colour.

3. It gets bigger: When you are aroused,  there’s a lot of blood flowing down to the nether regions, and blood vessels in the vagina become dilated. This causes the vagina and genitopelvic area to become enlarged.

4. It can talk to you: Okay, don’t freak out yet, but there is a lot you can tell about what is going on in your body by listening to your vagina. If you notice something different-than-usual is going on, it’s usually best to head to the doc to get it checked out.

5. It protects itself: You cannot just insert anything in there, it will be pushed right back out. The vagina connects to the uterus, but the cervix acts like a barrier between the two.

6. It can trap a penis: Although, this is rare, it has been reported. When this happens, the pelvic muscles of the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual, which can make it difficult or impossible to remove the penis from the vagina.


7. It can have 4 different orgasm:  While men can only have one, women are capable of having 4 different kinds of orgasms. They are

Clitoral: When you orgasm simply through the stimulation of the clitoris, without vaginal penetration.

Vaginal: An orgasm that’s a result of vaginal penetration, primarily, with little or no clitoral stimulation.

Blended: When you have clitoral, vaginal, and cervical stimulation (cervical stimulation can be painful for some women and pleasurable for others).

Multiple: When a woman slightly relaxes after one orgasm—but not completely—and is then aroused again, resulting in multiple experiences of orgasmic pleasure in rapid succession.

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