“Tayo, It Will Never Be Well With You!” – Heartbroken Lady Cries Out On Twitter


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A Nigerian woman whose heart was shattered by her fiance could not help sharing her story on the social platform, Twitter, maybe as a way of venting. The young lady with twitter handle Shalom Miriam Shehu disclosed that she had found out this morning, September 21, via Instagram, that her fiance of 3 years, a man named Taiwo, just got married to another woman last weekend behind her back, all the while still proclaiming his undying love for her.

In a series of tweets, heartbroken Shalom Miriam Shehu whose Twitter account has been deleted wrote:

“Taiwo, It will never be well with you!

“I found out on IG this morning that my fiance for 3 years had done his traditional wedding last weekend.

“I am so heartbroken.


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Heartbroken Lady, Shalom Miriam Shehu, Cries Out On Social Media

“I paid for his M.Sc in Kingston. I gave him everything he wanted.
“Taiwo you have destroyed me

“You wanted me to quit my practice in Tel Aviv and come back to Nigeria against my parent’s wishes. I was ready to do that for you.
“What will I do with my life now?
“You have taken love away from me.
“You have shamed me.

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“You got married on Saturday and still had the guts to call me and tell me you love me.
“You don’t deserve happiness.
“You don’t deserve love.”

How cruel can the world be ? Truly, the heart of man of desperately wicked! You are planning something good for them with a pure heart and people are thinking of how to undo you.

I seriously pray for Taiwo’s sake that this story is not true or maybe the Taiwo she saw is just a look-alike. But if it turns out to be true, the karma that is coming for him will be custom-made!!!


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