TellTale Signs That Your Partner Is Never Going to Marry You


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Marriage is the ultimate goal of most adult relationships, however, your partner may have a different plan for the relationship.

After dating your significant other for a few months or years, it is expected that marriage would be a topic of mutual interest.

In recent times, research has shown that more people are likely to remain single for the rest of their life and you do not need to wait forever to realize that your partner falls in that category or may just not marry you at the end of the day.

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Some people just date aimlessly, so in order to avoid wasting your time on someone who will not marry you, . are some signs you should not ignore.

Your Partner Tells You

Words tell a lot and if your partner tells you they don’t want to get married, do not overlook that statement. On a serious note, marriage is not something you convince someone to do, if they ain’t game with it, it won’t happen.

So, if you still want to date your partner after you get the ‘I don’t want to get married  . . . or to you’ hint, then it’s up to you. Else . . . it’s best you move on.

You Want Different Things

Marriage is an agreement for two to become one, therefore if you are not in sync with what your boyfriend or girlfriend wants then that might be an issue. Let’s say you want just two children and he wants five, how do you marry that difference?

Let’s say you want to have two children and he wants five, how do you reconcile that difference? Or maybe you want to be a politician and she keeps saying she hates that profession, your best bet will be to find someone who is compatible and has goals that align with yours.

He/She Avoids Marriage Discussions

If your partner avoids talking about marriage, this is a sign. If discussions about making your relationship more permanent are shut down before you can even get started, it’s is a red flag.

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According to Lisa the psychotherapists, love and commitment are two different things. If [your partner] won’t talk about sharing a future with you, the only thing you can conclude is that you are in a relationship without a long-term commitment.

You’re Not in their future

Your partner should include you in their future plans if they want to marry you. If he or she keeps talking about the future without mentioning you then you are on your own with having marriage thoughts with that person.

You need to come to that point where you make a decision to either stay or quit.

Men, Ladies First Date

S/he Fluctuates

Hot and cold behavior is a bad sign and shows a deep sense of uncertainty. If things are hot and spicy one minute and then ice-cold the next, your partner could be playing games with you or not just sure want he wants from you.

If after six months you don’t know where you stand when it comes to a long-term commitment, your significant other could be buying time or just having fun until someone else comes into the picture.

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However, it can be confusing staying in a relationship after several tosses that involves breaking and making up. Whatever caused the cold feet that led to a breakup might just resurface sometime in the future.

Why not avoid it now? Be wise about your choices and decisions.


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