The 60-Second Rule To Washing Your Face That’ll Magically Transform Your Skin


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Sometimes what you need to make a difference in your skin care is the one thing that won’t cost you a dime. And we’re talking about time.

T. are two kinds of women in this world. The ones who are naturally gifted (yes, gifted) with flawless beautiful skin and those of us who have to get it through blood, sweat and tears. If you’re the former, we’ll just like to say that it’s not fair that you get to wake-up flawless every damn day, you incredibly favoured person!

But if you’re the latter, gather around real quick! We’re about to let you in on something you can do to drastically improve the condition of your skin. It’s called the 60-second rule for washing your face. The best part, it takes just 60 seconds!

What is the 60-second rule?

The 60-second rule simply entails massaging your face for one minute while you’re washing before rinsing it off. That’s it? Yeah, that’s it. But before you casually dismiss it, let’s tell you how and why this will greatly improve the condition of your skin.

Make-up, oil and dirt could sink deeply into your pores and hurriedly washing your face for 15 seconds (which is what most people do) will not sufficiently clean your skin. If your skin is not properly cleansed, the result is clogged pores, breakouts, blackheads etc. See w. we’re going with this? Exactly.

the 60-second rule to washing your face


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Also, massaging for 60 seconds gives your face wash or cleanser enough time to penetrate into your pores and do what it’s supposed to do. So in the long run, the 60-second rule means that you’ll get better results from the products you’re using. Your pores will be less clogged, break-outs will diminish and your skin will be visibly smoother.

Sure, 60 seconds will seem like a long ass time at first. But if you wait it out and are consistent, you’ll get visibly improved skin in no time.

So the next time you’re washing your face, remember to count to sixty!

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