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When buying engagement rings for women, their partners usually go for the shiniest and most beautiful rock they can find. Of course, whatever ring they get will be cherished and loved, but the utility is also very important.

T. are factors (such as her profession) that should matter when choosing a ring and t. some types and materials of engagement rings for women that are suited to different professions and careers.

Engagement rings for women

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Rings like:

1. Bezel-set engagement rings
Engagement for women

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Bezel-set rings suit women who work with their hands almost all day. Women working in industries, nurses and other health professionals will find the bezel set very convenient because the stone is smoothly set in the metal to shield it from scratching (God forbid, on a patient) or breaking off. This makes it very suitable for teachers and caregivers working with children too.

2. Low-set ring
engagement rings for women

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With this type of ring, the stone is set low in a metal casing. The positioning of the stone is suitable for women who often wear gloves at work, this way the ring doesn’t get entangled by the rock, and the problem of it scratching against other surfaces is also avoided.

3. Eternity rings
Engagement rings for women

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These type of rings have tiny stones arranged in smooth rows, making it very easy to slip on and minimalistic. Women who work with their hands or with machines, and women who work in security (w. they should not draw undue attention to themselves) are best served by eternity bands. T.’s less chance of the ring being noticed, stolen, or getting caught in a bit of machinery.

4. Solitaire-set ring
engagement rings for women


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If you’re a woman working in a high-powered environment like real estate or in a competitive law firm (or a celebrity), a brilliant, showy ring will give you an air of wealth and attract clients. It’s weird, but people place more confidence in people who look wealthy. Solitaire rings have the stone elevated and showy. It attracts more attention to your finger.

5. The gypsy ring
Engagement rings for women

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If you’re a creative, people look to you to be offbeat and imaginative even when it comes to your ring. This type of engagement ring comes in different styles, but usually with an alternative stone (like a moonstone or an opal) and engravings on the band. Try alternative stone cuts like heart shapes and ovals too.

6. Vintage ring
Engagement rings for women

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Girls who are romantics at heart and artistic will love vintage rings filled with history. These rings are usually intricate and designed to have plenty of character. Most of them even have stories attached to them! Get this if you’re a writer, historian or just a lover of art and books who can appreciate its beauty.

Now you can go ring shopping very informed.

Engagement rings for women

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If you’re lucky enough to get your dream ring from your dream person, then cherish it and make sure it keeps shining with these tips.


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