The Bridal Veil: Choosing and Styling Your Bridal Veil


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As she struts to meet her prince charming at the altar, her wedding ensemble speaks in its volumes. Her gown swirling gracefully with her footsteps. Her veil giving the bridal look nothing but more personality. Even in those moments, she’s the perfect sight for every being to adore.

You must have fed your eyes on so many wedding moments around you. Seen so many brides looking all wrapped up like a gift hahaha! waiting to be opened up by the owner. I love to describe the wedding veil as the ribbon on the gift, the crown to the bridal queen and for those reasons, it just has to be perfect.

There are so many wedding veils out there, in every color, length, texture and size, you name it! For the bride-to-be who feels a bit overwhelmed on choosing just the perfect size and styling it, well this is for you.

What to Consider

The Wedding Dress

It is usually advisable for the bride to be to always pick out the wedding dress first. This is because the veil enhances the gown. Always keep in mind that the veil should never draw the attention from the dress

The Venue

Take into consideration your venue. If it’s a classic venue, perhaps vintage, then you’ll most likely key into the vintage style to match up with the venue. Also, if it’s an outdoor wedding, its best to go for a short veil to avoid some whimsically wind.

The Bridal Hairstyle

The kind of veil as well as the styling will also be determined by the bridal hairstyle to be worn that day. Be it a let-down hairstyle or an up-do!


Veil Style Guide

Birdcage veils

Amidst its funny name, this style suits the vintage style. it happens to be a short veil that is typically made out of netting. They usually cover just a portion of the face and drops right down to the chin.


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Blusher Veils

This style is commonly worn at conservative church ceremonies. It is a veil that covers the entire face and drops right down to the shoulders. Sometimes, its worn with a longer veil for a fuller effect.



Fly-Away Veils

Although this is a short veil, it usually makes a bigger statement than the birdcage veils. Its length ends right above or around or a bit further down the shoulders.


Elbow-length veils


This look practically goes with every wedding dress style there is. Most brides refer to it as the hassle-free veil. Its length favorably ends around the elbow or the waistline.

So, I’m pretty sure you watched the royal wedding of Kate Middleton? If you were observant just like I was, you would have clearly seen that she did make use of the fingertips veil. Why? This is because this style has a timeless factor to it. Its length happens to end just right at the fingertips.

This style falls below the fingertips right to the knee length.

This veils fall right to the ground. It is a statement piece on its own. Arousing the romantic feels from the bride.

This is the longest style, as it trails behind the bride well beyond her dress. If you’re a bride who loves to create a dramatic effect, then this will definitely be your pick.

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