Wedding Stories is an ongoing series w. fashionstyle readers share their most hilarious wedding experiences.

I’m one of those girls that weddings don’t excite and sadly, the wedding stories I hear don’t even help my situation. One of the times I decided to be a good sport and attend a wedding, it got called off. I know these wedding stories are supposed to serve as lessons, but for me Nah!

That beautiful Saturday and in my baby girl mode, I made it in time for the reception, but the guests were all scattered and talking in hushed tones.

Here’s the full gist

I was so confused at first, but the Nigerian in me kicked in and I realized something was amiss, so I looked for perfect tatafos to get the complete story. Apparently, the groom called off the wedding!

wedding stories

(Photo: The Wedding Party Movie)

As I was about to judge the church on how they do the most and forced the poor boy to cancel his wedding, I realized it wasn’t that at all.

The groom called off the wedding because his bride was pregnant, and it wasn’t for him. Apparently, they had decided to stay celibate until after their wedding. So the question now was: who’s the father of the child? I just carried myself home!

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