Lagos Fashion Week 2018

As you know, the wait is over and the fashion clan did come through for the second day (technically the first day) of the Lagos Fashion Week 2018. Some of the peculiarities of the event are jaw-dropping street style moments and carefully thought out collections. Read through to catch up on all the scoop!
Streetstyle Aesthetic

We can’t even front about the fact that everyone is super hype about the fact that they can get amazing backdrop for their photos. The clean aesthetic is the perfect combo for anything you intend to wear. Get to taking those Lagos Fashion Week 2018 shots!

Lagos Fashion Week 2018

(Photo: Instagram / Femiolabodephotography)

Lagos Fashion Week 2018

(Photo: Instagram / Mimionalaja)

Lounge Area

This area is the perfect hangout spot after getting the perfect shot. T. are so much fun and appealing areas to look out for. Trust that you won’t be disappointed!

Lagos Fashion Week 2018

(Photo: Instagram / Janemichaelekanem)

The Kelechi Amadi-Obi Spot

Every year, the celebrity photographer prides himself in taking the most amazing indoor photos. The gag is you can get it in no time – don’t even trip! You might want to look out for that.

Lagos Fashion Week 2018

(Photo: Instagram / Urielmusicstar)

Lagos Fashion Week 2018

(Photo: Instagram / Urielmusicstar)

Amazing Collections

It is only the first day and t. are a lot of collections to look out for! From the Dew Collection (fashion for mental health) to Maxivive, Ladunni Lambo, Fruche, Anyango Mpinga, we cannot decide who one we like best. Structure, fluidity, minimalism, athleisure and designs with a homage to the culture made the cut.

Lagos Fashion Week 2018Lagos Fashion Week 2018Lagos Fashion Week 2018

Cool huh? You should come through to see all these things manifest in person. If not, we would be . to serve your fashion week needs!

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