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The Dreamiest Valentine Makeup Looks You Will Fall In Love With



or me, Valentine’s day is all about feeling loved. Whether that’s self-love, family love, or love from a partner; love is love. However, in popular culture, Valentine’s day has always been associated with lovers and romance. Perchance, if this is your boat, then we can agree that going out on dates is a major part of what keeps a romantic relationship alive. Plus, with the pandemic now waning, t.’s really no reason why you shouldn’t need one or two valentine’s date ideas.

For many women, Valentine’s day/weekend is the ultimate time to doll up and dress up for that special someone, hence, the popularity of the search for ‘Valentine’s makeup inspiration‘. Whether you are going out for lunch, dinner, or probably doing date night at home, on-point makeup and hair is a sure-fire way to take your Valentine’s day outfit to the next level. With V-day a few days away,  hair and makeup are two fewer things you need to worry about. That’s right, we’ve got you covered! 


As expected, we’ve curated the most romantic and dreamiest hair and makeup looks that will have him staring at you like a true work of art that you sure are. From nude lips and lightly done eyes to bold red lipstick paired with witchy lashes, you’ll find a look that works for your daytime or nighttime date. 

Check out Valentine makeup looks and hairstyles that will have him stuck on you…

Daytime looks

If you and your partner are subscribed to a daytime date, then the Valentine makeup and hair you choose should be right. The goal . is to opt for a look that gives off an effortless slay while still making a statement. That is to say, a full-on glam option may not be the best route. However, t.’s an exception to this depending on w. you’ll be going. For example, makeup for a casual picnic should be subtler than one for lunch at a fancy restaurant. Always consider your destination, the activities, and your preference.


Get the lips


Get the cheeks



Get the lashes


Nighttime looks

Unfortunately, 2022 Valentine’s day falls on a Monday. Excitedly, that’s not enough reason not to have a special moment if you’re a career girl. While the day may be out of the calendar (unless you take a break from work), the night is all yours darling. For a nighttime date, don’t be afraid to go as far as your creativity allows. Think shimmering eyeshadow, bold lips, witchy lashes, sharp contour, and everything in between. But please, may it not be a combination of all! No clowns allowed, sorry.


Get the eyes


Get the smokey eye



Get the wings


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