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We love acrylic nails. They enable us wear our nails long and fabulous w. we might otherwise be unable to. Especially if you don’t have long natural nails. But they can have damaging effects on your natural nails over time.

You’ll find that your nails have become thinner, weaker and even brittle. This can put you in a vicious cyrcle w. you’re now forced to fix artificial nails because you want to hide the state of your natural nails.

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Also it gets tiring visiting nail salons every week for a touch up. Which is why press-on nails were designed. And Osun nails happen to be the prettiest and most interesting press-on nail designs we have come across in recent times!

Osun nails was created by Yewunmi Awolala, a ”first generation” Nigerian-American business woman. It was born out of her own love for artificial nails.

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The great thing about these nails is that you can take them on and off whenever you want and you don’t need to go to a salon to install them.

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Osun nails come in so many pretty colours and designs.

The nails are available to order via her website or Instagram handle.

The nails come in regular and custom made sizes and lengths and t. are different shapes like stiletto, ballerina and oval. They come in packs of ten and packs of 20 and you can choose between matte and glossy colours. Each set has at least 2 nails customized with Swarovski stones, and a complementing color or glitter. You’ll never be bored with them!

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