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The Official Total Energies Women’s Africa Cup Of Nations, Morocco 2022 Poster Has Been Unveiled – Latest Sports and Football News in Nigeria

This was inspired by the new dynamic brand of CAF women’s football with a touch of Moroccan architectural feel who are the official host of the Total Energies Women’s Africa Cup of Nations.

The colours are inspired by the new strategic orientation of CAF women’s football which uses green as a symbol of unity, and purple as a strong signal of the new experience. In addition, the mention CAF Women’s Football reminds that the tournament is part of a great dynamic of empowering women and promoting equal opportunities.


With few days now left, momentum is building as Africa’s top 12 women national teams prepare for the continent’s biggest women football competition starting on 02 July until 23 July.

The competition attracts Africa’s biggest football stars – many of them who have made a name for themselves in African, European and North American clubs.


The bespoke design is a symbolic set illustrating the trophy of this competition incorporated to the shapes inspired by the Moroccan architectural style.

The TotalEnergies Women’s Africa Cup of Nations, Morocco 2022™ will bring together 12 teams who will . 26 matches in two host cities: Rabat and Casablanca.


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