Switch Cosmetics Ultra High Definition Skin Film is all you need this rainy season.

By the time we’re done introducing you to Switch Cosmetics Ultra High Definition Skin Film, it will be all you need to beat your face to perfection this rainy season. Finding a foundation that stays put when it as much as drizzles on you is a task, forget all those promises of ‘long wearing’, ‘waterproof’ and so on, it’s heartbreaking to see your face break into streaks of yellow bits running down your face and unto your tops (the nerve!)

Want that skin finish that won’t as much as shift when it’s pouring the this foundation is everything and more.

Switch Cosmetics Ultra High Definition Skin Film


The foundation comes in a clear bottle complete with pump (you can actually see the product, that looks small from the outside but you’d use it for months on end) with black caps on the top and bottom.


We tried out ‘Almond Spice 11’. You need peanut size and that gives full coverage. It glides on the skin smoothly without you feeling a thing, it’s extremely lightweight. The best part? It stays put. It’s water resistant, even sweat can’t run it. It’s long lasting and natural looking and gives a flawless finish.

It doesn’t cake or react to weather changes – when rain touches your face, it doesn’t run! It’s the perfect buy because it’s completely oil-free and non-comedogenic meaning your pores are not clogged.

Switch Cosmetics Ultra High Definition Skin Film



Water and Sweat resistant

Its extremely lightweight

It’s oil free

It’s non-comedogenic

Very long lasting and natural looking

We honestly don’t see a downside to this product, its 100%! Shop it . or follow @switchcosmetics on Instagram to get to know about the brand’s range of products.

Editor’s note – This is not a sponsored review


The ONLY Foundation You Need This Rainy Season

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