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“The Problem We Have In Taekwondo Is Management At Top Level Sports And Competition,” Dr Ferguson Oluigbuo | Latest Sports and Football News in Nigeria

Taekwondo Grandmaster, Dr. Ferguson Oluigbo has stated that Taekwondo in Nigeria is on the rise and is developing well in all age groups and genders in the country.

“Taekwondo is actually developing in Nigeria as it’s spreading to the grassroots with adults and children, young and old, primary and secondary schools and even universities all doing Taekwondo,” Dr. Ferguson said to Sports247.


Dr. Ferguson who is also Head of Panamai West Africa, an International Referee and Certified Grading Instructor from South Korea stated that the major problem with Taekwondo development in Nigeria is Management at the top.

“The problem we have is the management at the top level as regards sports and international competitions,” he stated.


“The Panamai West African camp has kids from Nigeria, Togo, and the Benin Republic all being trained for the upcoming Panamai West Africa and Cottage Mill Taekwondo Championships holding 12 & 13 August 2022,” he concluded.

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