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The Root Cause of Cancer No One Knows (It’s Been HIDDEN Since the 1930s)

Imagine you found out effective cancer treatments but then your lab gets destroyed by the FDA? How would you feel? That is what happened to Dr. Rife.


What most of the people think is that DNA damage is the reason why cells are becoming cancerous.
Maybe cancer cells have DNA damage, but it is still not proven that DNA damage can cause cells to become cancerous.

In this article it will be discussed about what really causes cancer. It was discovered that microbes are inside and outside of cancer cells. This was discovered back in the 1890 by William Russell. But after that another study showed that microbes inside cancer cells change shapes and sizes depending on the pH inside the cancer cells.

Royal Rife made a research in 1930 and it was proven that if the microbes inside the cancer cells are killed, the cancer cells will turn back into normal cells. Dr. Rife’s lab and inventory were destroyed instead of winning a Nobel Prize for his discovery. His lab was destroyed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and AMA (American Medical Association). Now it is maybe clear to you why they destroyed his lab – because it led to 100% cure rate among his cancer patients. So they destroyed because they wouldn’t have profit anymore from the expensive treatments for cancer patients.


FDA is the ‘’private police force’’ and their duty is to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.
To make money, they need the cancer patients, so that means that patients are the main drivers of the war against natural medicine and pharmaceutical industry. They are doing anything in order to make profit, even destroying the real cure for cancer.
Another part of this conspiracy is the media.  On television shows the medical doctors are intentionally glorified.
Today very few patients start their treatment with natural medicine, but researchers are still seeking natural cures for cancers. Then even know much more about cancer today than back in the 1930’s.

There is a non-profit foundation investigating natural medicine called ICRF (Independent Cancer Research Foundation). They developed more than 25 natural cancer treatments just like Dr. Royal Rife ones. They also made a research to prove that microbes inside cancer cells were partially blocking the ATP energy. Because they were inspired by Dr. Royal Rife, they used a new technological device called the ‘’High RF Frequency Device’’. It kills the microbes inside the cancer cells.
How Microbes Inside Cancer Cells Cause Cancer


What causes the ATP energy to be created in a healthy cell?

Step 1: Glucose receptors allow glucose inside the cell, in a normal cell.
Step 2: This glucose is converted into pyruvate in a 10-step chemical chain ..
Step 3: The pyruvate enters into the cell’s mitochondria (every cell has thousands of mitochondria).
Step 4: The pyruvate is at the beginning of a chain . called the ‘’Citric Acid Cycle’’ or ‘’Krebs Cycle’’.
Step 5: About half-way through the Citric Acid Cycle, a second chemical chain . begins called the ‘’ Electron Transport Chain’’.


These are the two cycles that create most of the ATP energy in the cells. So the conclusion is that cancer cells have 15 times more glucose than normal cells. This means that less glucose gets inside its mitochondria than in a normal cell. And because cancer cells have less pyruvate, they have lower ATP energy.

Does DNA Damage Cause Cancer?


On a research was discovered that one or more of the microbes inside the cancer cell penetrate the cell nucleus (where the DNA is located). This research was made by the Virginia Livingstone team of natural medicine.

What is actually causing the DNA damage is that the DNA of the cancer microbes may ‘’mix’’ with the DNA of the cell and that way it will modify the DNA of the cancer cell. But DNA damage is not what causes the cell to be cancerous. It is just a symptom of the presence of the microbes.


It is a waste of time that some cancer researchers in America are trying to fix the DNA damage.
They made everyone believe that they are looking cure for cancer. If they wanted a cure for cancer they could hire at least one of the ICRF cancer researchers and they could have cured many people.
They have no interest in curing cancer, so they are all good actors!

One example of how the bacteria inside the cancer cell are killed is the honey and turmeric protocol. Three different studies proved that turmeric is the most effective herb at eliminating Helicobacter Pylori and to change the cells into normal ones.
Cancer cells are attracted to honey because they have more glucose receptors. If you mix turmeric and honey you can destroy completely these microbes.


There are medical doctors who switched to natural medicine. That means that there are natural medicine cancer clinics and they use traditional methods to cure cancer.
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