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It’s funny how I’ve heard these kind of wedding stories so much and I could have sworn some things could never happen to me… But, . I am. These wedding stories have a way of repeating themselves, I guess; just with different characters and a different style of ‘had I known’… So, the crux of the matter; my wedding dresses.

. I was thinking to rent, buy or make a dress, but how my wedding was on a budget so my choice had to revolve around that. I finally rented a dress I thought I liked; then turned out I didn’t… You can judge me joor, I have bride rights!

By the time, I went to tell the bridal rentals that I changed my mind, they refused to refund me… With very stupid reasons of course, but I didn’t make trouble. I was too busy wondering how to deal with my dilemma, and in the end, I went with the cheaper of the 2… I decided to make a dress!

Everything was working as planned! The price, the style, when it’ll be delivered… I was ecstatic. She finished the main dress but hadn’t put the stones, I went for a fitting and my joy was at it’s peak. It fit perfectly!

wedding stories

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There was still so much time before the wedding so I asked if she was free to sew my reception dress and the bridesmaid dresses, and of course she could… Show me a tailor who ever says no! One week to the wedding and aunty hadn’t finished the dresses, but we trust her abilities na, nothing can go wrong.

Two days to the wedding and my faith in the tailor had died, it was my husband’s faith that was keeping us going now, so we just hung on and hoped it was taking so long because of the perfection we knew she was aiming for.

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Night before the wedding… The dresses arrived, and I had just one question… Why didn’t she just say NO when I asked her. The dresses were terrible. From the flowers falling out of the dress, to the glue stain on all the dresses, to the robes that looked like jackets… Then my reception dress. Oh God!

 wedding stories

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Somehow, we used needle and thread to fix some of the bridesmaid dresses, but mine had no redemption. So, after I told my husband the sad news, I called the man who first loved me… hehehe. My dad apparently found a dress online, with the help of my mum of course, they got it to me before my reception began… and it was perfect. Perfect!

wedding stories

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Wedding stories have happy endings too… I guess I’m one of the lucky ones! LOL! You should read about the bride who’s in-laws stole her money.

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