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Picking out the best traditional wedding colours isn’t an easy task. You will definitely have a lot of people throwing their opinions at you, which can be exhausting! So to narrow down your choices, you should stick to expert opinions, and by that we mean fashionstyle. Okay maybe we’re not experts but we’re pretty good at picking wedding colours.

So, as far as we’re concerned, these traditional wedding colours are the best of 2018 so far:

1. Peach

Peach is a beautiful, subtle, and safe traditional wedding color. A lot of couples go for peach, because it blends in when layered with other colors. A great tip to make it pop, is to match it with a vibrant color!

traditional wedding colours

(Photo: Madivas Magazine)

2. Blue

Of course a list of the best traditional wedding colours of 2018 so far wouldn’t be complete without the colour blue. This vibrant colour is used by so many couples in different shades!

traditional wedding colours

(Photo: Instagram/BigH Weddings)

3. Green

Green is a fabulous traditional wedding colour. Its ability to blend in perfectly with other colours is outstanding. A lot of brides, like the one below, use gold or silver accessories to make it pop and glow!

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traditional wedding colours

(Photo: Jide Odukoya)

4. Gold

Gold is one of the most versatile traditional wedding colours and we definitely love it! Think about it, it appears in every traditional wedding, either in decorations or the outfits. It also has the ability to make a couple look like royalty. Just check out the couple below, so stunning!

traditional wedding colours

(Photo: Instagram/Bella Naija)

5. White

This beautiful colour is the perfect traditional wedding colour, because it works anytime, anyw. both for white and cultural weddings. White is perfect because it is a versatile colour.

traditional wedding colours

(Photo: Bella Naija)

Take a pick out of these traditional wedding colours, get a great designer, and make heads turn on that special day. These beautiful traditional wedding handfans are what you need for that complete traditional look!





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