The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide For The IJGB BrideZUMI


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So, you just got back from the abroad, ready for your Nigerian wedding. We know it must be all confusing and you don’t know where to start. We’ve got you.
This wedding planning guide is all you need!
1. The shopping squad

You’ll need girlfriends or family that can show you around and accompany you to buy all the things you’ll need. You don’t want to go to the market or mall alone. With your accent, you’ll probably buy things ten times the normal price. It’s okay if your squad is just one person too.

wedding planning guide

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2. Wedding planner or DIY

Having a wedding planner organize the wedding takes the physical stress off of you, but not the mental stress because you’ll keep hoping he/she gets it right, and the DIY wedding has the opposite effect. Physical exhaustion but peace of mind. So which would it be?

3. Make a checklist

Making a list is the best thing after sliced bread. It helps you know what’s left and helps you prioritize. It’s easier when you divide the list into the white wedding and traditional wedding requirements. Don’t forget to get your facts right for each category.

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wedding planning guide

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4. Start somewhere

The processes in Nigeria can be a bit overwhelming and you might not know where to start. Anywhere on your list is great. Once you start, you’ll find the zeal to go on. Don’t forget to tick off what you’ve done at each point and rest in between.

5. Always  keep your husband in the loop

Especially if he has lived in Nigeria longer than you have, always let him know the plans and how you’re going about it. It’s his wedding too!

Hopefully, this wedding planning guide will make things easier. Welcome back to Nigeria! .’s all you need to know if you’re getting married in the Catholic church.




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