These 10 Skincare Tips Will Give You The Best Skin Glow Ever


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Skincare Tips – It is normal for us to desire a flawless and evenly toned skin but the reality is we all have different skin types, some have pale skin, some have dry skins, others have a darker complexion while some battle with oily skin.

While there are loads of skincare and makeup products available to make your skin look great, the easiest and cheapest way to achieve a flawless skin, is to look after your skin the natural way.

Here are some easy steps to help you achieve that skin you would always love:

1. Get some extra sleep

Getting enough sleep is extremely important for your brain, as well as for the beauty of your skin. Your whole body needs time to rejuvenate overnight, so make sure that you are getting adequate sleep every single night of the week. If you don’t get enough sleep, then that can speed up the ageing process and break down the collagen in your skin. It’s called beauty sleep, for very good reasons.

2. Never skip washing your face in the morning

Washing your skin in the morning, is just as important as cleaning your makeup off at night. When you are sleeping, your skin is repairing itself and it will be shedding toxins and secreting sebum from the pores. If you don’t wash all that off in the morning, it will stay there all day and your day-time moisturisers and sun protection lotions won’t sink into the skin properly.

3. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating regularly is one of the best skin care habits that you can get into. If you don’t exfoliate, then the dead skin cells will stay on the surface of your skin, which will make your skin look dull and it could block up your pores and cause breakouts. If you exfoliate, once or twice a week, you will find that your skin looks much younger and brighter. Don’t scrub at your skin too hard, though, or will just cause redness and irritation.

4. Always wear sun protection

Wear sun block every day, even when it looks like it will be a cloudy day, because the UV rays from the sun will damage your skin and bring on the signs of ageing. If you get into this habit now, and you stick with it, you will be really glad that you did, when you get a bit older. Don’t think that you are safe, just because you don’t burn, because the rays that really cause the damage to skin are not the same ones as the rays that burn.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

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If you let your skin become dehydrated, it will look tight around your face, dull and pale. Avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeinated drinks and go for plain water instead. If you drink plenty of water during the day it will help keep your skin supple and looking healthy.

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6. Keep your hands away from your face

A habit that you definitely want to get out of is touching your face with your hands. However hard you try to keep your hands clean, they will come into contact with dirt and bacteria, all day long. As soon as you place your hands on your face, you transfer some of that dirt onto your face and that can cause infections and breakouts.

7. Don’t skip the moisturiser at night

Make your night time application of moisturiser a regular habit and don’t believe the myth that your skin needs days off to breathe. You should always remove makeup at night, or it will block up your pores, and you should always use moisturiser before you go to bed. While you sleep, your skin is resting and repairing itself and that’s just when it will need the extra hydration of a moisturiser.

8. Treat dry skin with skin oil

Never put up with dry skin, because dry skin cracks and that lets out even more moisture and lets the bacteria and dirt in. Treat dry skin, as soon as it occurs with skin oil. That will repair the skin, create a moisture barrier against infection and bring back the healthy, hydrated glow.

9. Take regular exercise

Not only is exercise good for your heart and your lungs, it can do wonders for your skin as well. When you exercise your heart rate increases and the blood is pumped faster around your system. When your blood is circulating around your body faster, it’s delivering more oxygen to your skin and removing more of the toxins. That is why exercise gives you that rosy glow.

10. Be careful of what you eat

A healthy diet means healthy skin, so be careful what you eat and drink too. You know what the doctors’ orders are by now: fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, lean meat only, and plenty of fresh fish too. Quite a lot of skin complaints are caused by food allergies, so if you suffer frequent breakouts, try and work out what food might be causing the problem, or visit your doctor and they will be able to test you for allergies.


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