These 3 Denim On Denim Combos Are All The Inspiration You Need


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We’ve all gotten used to pairing denim pieces so much that it has become conventional. Still, some ladies are scared to go all out because of the fear of going overboard.

But . we are, telling you that extra is fabulous! And we’re taking a break from the norm to rock 2019 in the most superbly stylish way possible. So denim on denim combos are back in their sophisticated glory. Peep our top 3 style inspirations to start your year with.

The Sassy Combo
denim on denim

(Photo: Instagram/@inidimaokojie)

This double denim style is unique and daring. It takes a stylish and fashionable person to pull it off in a way that would have everyone else jumping on the trend. You can turn your style into an edgy one by popping the top 3 . of the shirt and tilting it the ‘off-shoulder way’. The bottom may be plain, distressed or bedazzled, this depends on your preference! It looks great when paired with either sneakers or heels. 

The Cassie Daves Way
denim on denim

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(Photo: Cassie Daves)

Who else can rock a denim jacket like Cassie? This uber urban style is not only chic but runway certified! And the most amazing fact is that you don’t have to break a bank to feel fly in this. You can get pieces like this from as low as N2,000 from thrift stores. We love how she rocked the oversized look effortlessly chic and confident!

Button Down Skirt and Shirt
denim on denim

(Photo: Chromantics)

The denim skirt is an all-time classic, same as the shirt. When paired together, they make a fashion statement. You can choose to style this combo with a long or short skirt. A pair of white sneakers complete this style but you can go for the more dressy look by pairing it with a solid pair of heels.

Featured image via Instagram/Officiallindaikeji

. These 3 Denim On Denim Combos Are All The Inspiration You Need . fashionstyle.


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