These 4 tips will make him want you like never before!!


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These 4 tips will make him want you like never before, but watch out … they really work.

1. Use the Power of Touch

With people who are just co-workers, acquaintances and even with some friends, touching should be kept to a minimum. That’s because touch should be reserved for special connections (romantic, sexy ones). So let this guy know that he’s not just an acquaintance or a friend—touch him. And do it when he least expects it. It’s one of the top things that drives a man wild.

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2. Be Lightly Playful and Funny

You are confident, intelligent and beautiful. But don’t be so uptight. Or conversely, don’t act like a buffoon. When you’re around the guy you’re into, you may get nervous. For some women, this means keeping quiet and acting like a stiff. For others, it means going way overboard and trying to hog attention. So just loosen up. One good tip is to actually pretend like you are talking to your best friend. Imagine that whatever he is saying is coming out of your friend’s mouth. How would you respond then? Relax, and join the conversation.

3. Have Your Own Interests

Of course, you’re always thinking about this guy. He’s on your mind 24/7—but he doesn’t want to know that. He wants you to have your own life. So if you don’t already have hobbies, interests and your own hopes and dreams, you’d better get some. For starters, try to get into something that you can discuss with him and explain in an intelligent way, but never copy what he likes exactly. For example, if he likes jazz music, consider learning about and getting heavily into another type of retro music like Motown, blues or rock.

4. Wink

A wink says it all. It’s one of womankind’s most powerful tools, but sadly, most women never use it. At a crowded table, try making a witty remark then shooting a wink at your guy. When you two are alone, slip in a compliment about him, then wink and get up to go to the bathroom. Believe us, he’ll get the message. Oh and by the way, a good wink won’t come naturally, so you’ve got to practice. Try it in the mirror at home, then bust it out casually with your friends to get the hang of it.

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