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One of the first things you should do after getting engaged is picking a date, even if it’s tentative. Your wedding date will set the scene for planning your wedding and finding vendors.

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If you’re confused about how to pick the right wedding date for your big day, these tips will help:

If you guys want a summer honeymoon somew. with beaches and lots of sunlight and fruit, it only makes sense to have your wedding in summer. Before you go to any country, find out the worst times to be t. so you’re not stuck in India during monsoon season.

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You can also plan your wedding around the theme you want, like a winter wonderland and Christmas. You should also know when having an outdoor wedding wouldn’t be wise-like in the prime days of the rainy season.

The day you met, the day you two started dating, your birthdays, your first “I love you”…these are very significant dates to people in love. You can decide to set your wedding date on one of these dates.

With your budget, you can decide what time of the year would be financially feasible for you. For example, things are usually expensive around the holidays, so if you want a budget wedding, Christmas and new year are obviously not the right times. Venues and wedding vendors are usually more in demand and so their prices are hiked. you will definitely spend more.

Whatever date you finally choose, you will have to communicate with your families so that they can know whether their calendars are free too. The best thing will be for you two to pick at least three dates and then settle on the one that works for everyone.

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