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Getting married is no doubt a beautiful thing and a life long commitment, so it’s not something to take lightly. Although t. are wedding ‘cold feet’ scenarios, t. also times when you might need to pause your wedding plans to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

You should pause your wedding plans if you’re just seeing these things:

1. Secrets

Although t. are levels to what kind of secrets anyone can handle, t. are some that need you to pause, take a breather and ask questions. If you’re satisfied with the answers you get, then by all means… Go ahead.

pause your wedding plans

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2. Loss

Dealing with the stages of grief differ in different people.  You might want to quickly get married and deal with the loss together, but pain and hurt takes a toll on everyone and you might not be able to deal with your partners .s alone. So, pause, and deal with the loss with the help of family and friends. Don’t forget to be very supportive.

3. Significant mental illness

People with significant mental illnesses definitely get married and live happily ever after, but the key is to having a partner that understands the ups and downs of dealing with a loved one who is mentally ill. So, if you’re just finding out that your fiance has a significant mental illness, just pause and read extensively about it and how to help them… And by all means live happily ever after when you’re sure.

pause your wedding plans

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4. No communication

Communication is key in every kind of relationship, so this lifelong relationship isn’t an exception.You need to talk to each other about everything. If you’re making wedding plans and you’re still not comfortable with the unchanging level of communication, you might need to pause the wedding plans and talk about the way forward.

These 5 Warning Signs Should Make You Pause Your Wedding Plans

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5. Constant serious anxiety

Listen to your instincts. It might be you just being scared of a new phase, but if this doubt is a constant tug on your mind, you can pause and try and pinpoint what you’re really afraid of. You can talk to people who are close to you and can tell you the truth if need be.

We hope that even if you pause your wedding plans, you’ll be able to take care of the issues and get married! We love us a beautiful wedding story!

So, you don’t overthink, these are things to do when you’re having wedding cold feet. 




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