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These 5 Work Magic On Black Women

Far gone are the days when people subscribed to the belief that bold and bright lipsticks don’t look great on dark skin women. In the last few years, Black beauty enthusiasts have ditched that belief to try bolder lipstick shades and the results are just stunning.


Agreed, getting the right bold shade for your own skin tone can be tough as it can either make or break your look. However, that’s not to say it can’t be done. The key is to match the bold color to complement or contrast your outfit while paying attention to your skin tone. Also, your choice of bright lipstick should work well for your destination. For example, weekend affairs and nighttime events are among the best places to wear bright lip stains.

I mean, t. is something particularly cool about wearing a bold lipstick color against dark skin. It’s daring, hot, and oh so sexy! Though makeup brands have in the past tried to down. this truth, many are waking up and jumping on the “commercial black is beautiful” bandwagon. And with that, we’re seeing more interesting colors targeted at brown and black women.


If you have always shied away from bold lipsticks for fear of looking funny, we’ve got all the inspiration you need to dab on something different this season.

Here are 5 lipstick shades that work magic on dark skin women…

#1. Pink hues

You don’t have to be Barbie to nail this one as more often than not a bold pink shade will sit well on you. While a super bright shade isn’t advisable, especially when you’re in a darker tone, most pink hues are more than welcome. However, if all you have is a super bright shade and you’d like to know how to make that work, you can tone it done a teeny bit with a darker shade of lip pencil. 


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#2. Be daring with purple

T.’s no denying the instant appeal purple lipstick commands on dark skinned women. From Monica Denise, to Rihanna and Gabrielle Union, many celebs are dancing to this tone. Depending on your complexion, you can get away with most shades, however, the darker options seem to have the upper hand.


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#3. Red always wins

Red is the holy grail of bold lip stains that flatter dark skinned women. It’s almost as though t.’s no wrong way a Black girl can do red. Plus, this universal color is perfect for every setting and you can easily go from boss chick to party girl while wearing the same lipstick. If that isn’t a blessing, I wonder what is.


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#4. Orange you adorable?

Lupita Nyong’o fearlessly rocked an organge and made us all wonder why we ever underestimated the color. Ever since the actress awakened us to the color, we’ve seen many Black girls nail orange lipsticks to the T. Whether you go the burnt orange like Nyane or any other shade, you’ll certainly make a statement.


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#5. Be naughty brown

What’s a better way to amplify your brown skin than with a bold, brown lipstick? Just like red, it’s difficult to find a brown shade that wouldn’t flatter you and your glorious color. In addition, this hue seems to the rave at the moment, as lovers of both subtle and glam looks have found a brown shade to match. That is to say, t.’s a ton of inspiration for you to get creative while exploring this color.


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