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Figuring out the best lipstick colours for dark skin could be a chore sometimes. You might even purchase a shade, only to try it on and realize it looks terrible on you.

So you battle to find that perfect shade which would not blend in with your skin and disappear or clash with your skintone or end up looking too tacky!

These 6 best lipstick colours for dark skin are simply flawless and look absolutely amazing on darker skin tones!

1. Ruby Red (Think MAC Ruby Woo)
lipstick colors for dark skin

(Photo: Instagram via Ronke Raji)

Brilliant red lipstick is one classic lipstick colour that looks perfect on almost everyone. Darker skin tones however tend to absorb the splash of colour, giving it a fine finish. If you’re looking to make a statement or get heads turning your direction, you should totally do red!

2. Burgundy
Lipstick Colours for dark skin

(Photo: Instagram / BM Pro Makeup)

Dreamy, alluring, and daring burgundy lipstick is a total mood! This shade can never go wrong. It is the right amount of provocative without being loud. Burgundy is perfect for the cold weather as it warms up your features, blending perfectly for an absolutely sexy glam!

3. Deep Brown
Lipstick colors for dark skin

(Photo: Instagram via Ronke Raji)

This one is a bit tricky guys. Sometimes, dark lipstick colours, especially browns can wash out darker skin tones so ensure you test it before purchasing. Try getting a shade that is two shades darker than your skin tone so it doesn’t disappear into your skin.

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4. Plum
Lipstick colours for dark skin

(Photo: Instagram via Ronke Raji)

Plum is literally one of the hottest lipstick colours in the market. It is exotic, enticing, alluring and downright fab. This classy lipstick colour is a perfect blend of red and purple which gives off a fierce ‘bad girl‘ edgy finish. We seriously adore this shade and love the way it sits on the melanin skin.

5. Purple
lipstick colors for dark skin

(Photo: Instagram via Ronke Raji)

See, leave jokes, if you don’t own a purple lipstick, what are you even doing? Like… How do you not see the dreamy and desirable finish the purple hue leaves on darker skin? If you want to opt for a unique shade that’ll make you stand out, try the lighter shade of purple. Dark purple lipsticks leave you with a tantalizing finish that gets you all the attention when you walk into a room.

6. Black
Lipstick Colours for dark skin

(Photo: Instagram/Ronke Raji)

The all time vampy one! It’s never a bad idea to let out your inner vampire. Don’t be scared to give this daring, African Princess lipstick shade a try. If you are worried about it overpowering or washing out your skin, dab on some lip gloss and pop that pout! It’s nothing short of majestic, we promise.

From bright, look-at-me colours like coral and violet to dreamy and mysterious shades of plum and black, it’s obvious there’s a wide range of lipstick colours for dark skin to choose from.

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