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If you love weddings, you’ll definitely love, love and we have to give it to some of these wedding movies, they opened our eyes to all the beautiful intricacies of weddings!

So, . are our favourite wedding movies of all times:

1. Crazy Rich Asians(2018)

The movie centers around a girl going with her boyfriend for a wedding only to discover how rich he is… And of course, all the drama that comes with coming from a poor home to a rich home came crashing down!

wedding movies

(Photo: Crazy Rich Asians)

2. The Wedding Party 1(2017)

This has got to be our top favourite because it us.d the beautiful relationship between Banky Wellington and Adesua Etomi to the public eye. This movie depicts the typical Nigerian wedding especially couples from different ethnic groups

wedding movies

(Photo: Wedding Party Movie)

3. Jumping the broom(2011)

A black woman and her family insists of not jumping the broom because of its history, but her husbands family wanted it. The movie revolves around the need to instill tradition above all costs.

wedding movies

(Photo: Netflix)

4. Our family wedding (2010)

A young Spanish girl getting married to a black man surprise her family with the news but in the midst of all the drama, they soon realize that it’s their marriage but their parents’ wedding.

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wedding movies

(Photo: filmy)

5. Bride wars(2009)

Best friends who have planned their wedding from childhood, grow up and actually realize that their dreams are so alike that one has to give. So, it’s a war!

wedding movies

(Photo: Plugged in)

6. 27 dresses(2008)

This is a hilarious story of a lady who puts the needs of everybody before themselves such that she attended almost everybody’s wedding as a bridesmaid. Of course, she falls in love dramatically!

wedding party

(Photo: finding wonderland)

7. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

In this movie, a young woman discovers she’s in love with her male best friend as soon as he announces his marriage to another woman. Well, the friend zone is the worst zone, don’t live t..

wedding movies

(Photo: Vanity Fair)

If you’re getting married soon, we hope you’ve seen at least 5 of these wedding movies… If not, cheers to a movie-filled weekend ahead! Check out these books you should read before you get married.




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