These Are The Different Nail Shapes You Should Know


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Nails are the best accessory for your hands. And every woman should have nicely manicured hands tbh. Yes, we said it!

It’s so easy to focus on perfecting your eyebrow arc or blinding people with your highlighter that you actually forget to care for your nails. That’s why we’re . to help out. Whether your nails are long or short, we’re sure one of these nail shapes will appeal to you

Square nails

Square nails are filed flat at the tips into a perfect square shape. They can be worn short or long and they’re perfect for your natural nails.

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Round nails are for women who wear their nails really short. They’re really simple and feminine. The only downside is that you might not be able to design or embellish the nails because of how short they are. But then again, less is more!

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This is a pretty common shape. it looks nicer when it’s long and it’s perfect for when you want to design your nails with patterns or embellishments.

nail shapes

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This is like the most popular nail shape. And like you guessed, it is similar to the shape of an almond. You can do this with your natural nails as well but they look a lot nicer when they’re long.

Nail shapes



Stiletto nails aren’t for the faint-hearted no doubt. So if you’re bold enough to rock pretty long nails with sharp pointed tips, thumbs up!

Nail shapes

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This is Kylie Jenner’s signature nail shape. It is also known as ”coffinbut God forbid! We’re not going to call it that. This particular shape is best suited for artificial or acrylic nails as it might be a bit tricky filing your natural nails into this shape.

Nail shapes



This is our favourite of all the nail shapes. See how identical it is to the shape of a brand new lipstick? It’s not common so you’ll definitely get some stares with this one.

nail shapes


Which of these nail designs are your favourite? Before you go, let’s show you how to do a manicure at home.

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. These Are The Different Nail Shapes You Should Know . fashionstyle.


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