These Are The Fashion Photographers Behind Your Favourite Instagram Accounts!


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Fashion Photographers, Zumi Kenya

Slay is the name of the game!

The world of fashion is such a visual industry, meaning that the technique and attention to detail when capturing fashion and style must be flawless. Aside from this, we live in a world where social media has taken centre stage and slaying is a way of life, and for this reason, great photographers are treasured commodities. We have rounded up a list of a few of our favourite fashion photographers in Kenya!

1. BuoArt by Kevin Buo.

Kevin Buo has been in the industry for a good while now and he is renowned for his expertise in both beauty portraits and fashion photography alike. His work definitely speaks for himself, but he is also quite professional and quick to deliver.

Fashion Photographers, Zumi Kenya

Photo: BuoArt.

2. Thomson Photography by Thomson Ncube.

Thomson Ncube is a Nairobi based fashion and beauty photographer. He recently partnered with makeup artist, Mia Bella, to open up Studio Zolani, which offers the whole package, and he is responsible for some of the most beautiful portraits that have ever been captured on the printed page.

Fashion Photographers, Zumi Kenya

Photo: Thomson Photography.

3.  Royal Reel by Charles Ngomo.

Charles Ngomo is known for his distinctive and unique style of photography that cannot be replicated. He has made a name for himself as one of the top fashion photographers, having worked with a good number of fashion bloggers and influencers in Nairobi.

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Fashion Photographers, Zumi Kenya

Photo: Royal Reel.

4. Brian Gathu.

Known for his artsy style of capturing fashion, Nairobi based photographer, Brian Gathu, has a keen eye for details and this shows in the beautiful images he captures. His Instagram feed is oozing with bold colours and stylish models and he is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Fashion Photographers, Zumi Kenya

Photo: Brian Gathu.

5. Victor Peace.

Victor’s style of photography is crisp and clean and his Instagram feed is boasting with beautiful images he has captured of his muses!

Fashion Photographers, Zumi Kenya

Photo: Victor Peace.

There you have it, girls! Who will you be booking for your next photo shoot?

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