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When it comes to wedding trends, Nigerians are really stepping up the game. Wedding themes, the thought and creativity that comes with it doesn’t  have to be rocket science, we can help you make the choosing  easier.

You can choose from a movie or book you like, go vintage, or a particular colour and just incorporate it into all or a part of the wedding and that’s okay. Some ideas are:

1. Fairy tale themed wedding

You can incorporate this into your gown, your hairstyle and probably the cake. You can also personalize it by picking a colour that symbolizes your favourite fairy tale character.

wedding themes

(Photo: Klala photography)

2. Aquatic themed wedding

Take your guests under the sea with your wedding theme. For that extra mile touch, you can add sea-food to the meal plan. Be careful about allergies though.

wedding themes

(Photo: Instagram/BisolaTrendyBee)


wedding themes

(Photo: Instagram/EventsByClaud)

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3. Movie themed wedding

You can either go for a movie or show you absolutely love or use one that’s already popular. For this, start with the invites so you can leave your guests deep in anticipation!

wedding themes

(Photo: Euclase)

4. Book themed wedding

If you’re a book lover and your husband is too, you can go all out! From the invites to the decoration to even your bouquet. Let them know what happens when nerds unite!

wedding themes

(Photo: Alchemie Dreams)

5. Social media themed wedding

This isn’t very common, but in this era w. we all live on the internet, your guests will definitely relate. You can either pick the peculiarities of one social media platform or have a bit of them all.

wedding themes

(Photo: Instagram/ipcevents)

The trick to pulling off a themed wedding is to pick something you love and isn’t so abstract so that you’re happy and your guests are wowed too! Here are some amazing decor ideas you should definitely try.





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