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The skin tone is a huge factor when deciding the traditional wedding colours, especially if you’re of a darker shade. For dark skin queens, you need colors that are vibrant and beautiful.

T. are so many amazing colors out t., but these traditional wedding colours will leave your skin popping!

1. Gold

One of the best wedding colors for dark-skinned brides is gold…the right shade of gold.  A traditional attire in dull gold or with olive undertones is the best option to accentuate your skin tone.

traditional wedding colours

(Photo: Instagram/ Bisi_royaltyphotos)

2. Maroon

Maroon is a beautiful, versatile wedding color for dark-skinned brides. This subtle and yet vibrant colour is fit for all complexions, because of its shade. This cool color blends perfectly with dark skin and actually compliments it. A good idea is to utilize gold or silver colored accessories to make your skin and attire pop!

traditional wedding colours

(Photo: Instagram/ Dymph_photography)

3. Peach

Peach is suitable regardless of the shade. This colour is very easy to accessorize and . around with. If you’re thinking about a safe colour, then this subtle variation is your best bet.

traditional wedding colours

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(Photo: Instagram/ BellaNaija)

4. Silver

Silver might not necessarily be one of the most suggested wedding colors for dark-skinned brides. However, a lot of dark skin queens have been able to pull it off! What you need to keep in mind is the shade. Gentry Gray, Carolina Gull, and London fog are all amazing choices.

traditional wedding colours

(Photo: Instagram/ SugarWeddings)

5. Red

Red is a favorite for many and for all of the right reasons. This radiant color makes for perfect traditional wedding colours. We absolutely love how it makes every bride stand out in the crowd. Silver accessories are a must have to pull this look off!

traditional wedding colours

(Photo: Sooo Pro Photography)

Any of these traditional wedding colours will definitely help you look glam on your big day.

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