These Are The Reasons Why More Nigerians Are Having Destination Weddings


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It’s no longer news that destination weddings are a hot thing for Nigerians with the means. It’s not just a way for people who can afford it to have the best wedding, but it could also be said that having a destination wedding has become a status symbol; like Gucci bags or the iPhone X.

In spite of visa problems, the high cost and the stress of planning a wedding in an unfamiliar country, Nigerians are spending up to $2 million on lavish weddings in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. So let’s examine the reasons (apart from the fact that they can) why Nigerians are taking their nuptials abroad.

1. It’s a trend

If it’s good enough for Banky and Adesua, Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz, Toolz and Cpt. Demuren, it’s definitely good enough for us, right? Nigerians love celebrity trends, and since celebrities are doing it, we naturally fall in line. Besides, how will people know you have “thirty billion for the account” unless you have a huge wedding in Dubai?

destination weddings

Photo: BellaNaija)

2. Exclusivity

T. are few things Nigerians like more than they love “exclusive” events. Who doesn’t want to be a VIP? The fact that you could be having your wedding thousands of miles away while blogs gush over it . at home is a big motivator.

destination weddings

(Photo: Wani Olatunde Photography)

3. Crowd control

It takes a CIA-level security team and the special grace of God not to have crashers, no matter how well you plan a wedding. We can definitely understand why Nigerians choose to take their weddings away from a place w. it can be reached with a short drive or a bus ride. Having a destination wedding makes room for intimate, small weddings.

destination weddings

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(Photo: Owambeparries)

4. Less parental input

In Nigeria, the wedding is a family affair, and the parents carry the matter on their heads. They want to dictate every program on the list, and most times, the opinions of the children don’t matter. For people in this position, running away from home (literally) could reduce the influence of the parents and let them have the wedding they actually want. Unless the parents are paying, in which case kolewerk, lol.

destination weddings

(Photo: The Wedding Party Movie)

5. The scenery

We are not saying that Nigeria is not beautiful, but t. are certain places with such jaw-dropping views, it is hard to resist. Couples who love travel can combine their love of a certain place with their wedding.

destination weddings

(Photo: Vegas Eater)

6. Honeymoon location

Besides getting married in a scenic place, the couples usually stay after the wedding and have their honeymoon. Two birds, one stone.

Destination weddings are not going anyw. soon, and it’ll be fun to see how this trend grows over the years to come.

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Featured image: Wani Olatunde.




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