These Are The Trending Asoebi Colours Right Now


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Aso ebi slayers, get in .! The wedding season this year came with a bang, it has been a very busy year so far for couples getting married. In all the noise, we can’t help but notice that some trending asoebi colours are going around.

Whether you’re getting married this year or you just want to stay ahead of trends, these are the trending asoebi colours you should look out for:


This colour is the real star of the show, and since it came on the scene, it has been a wedding favourite. It’s beautiful when mixed with other colours, has so many lush and beautiful shades and works well with gold, silver or coloured accessories. Really, what’s not to love?

trending asoebi colours

(Photo: Instagram/ifuennada)


Gold is a timeless aso ebi colour, so we’re not surprised it’s still in vogue. Whether you’re light or dark-skinned, gold pops on everyone and makes the other wedding colours really shine. Gold .s really well with other colours too, and even as a monochrome colour scheme it’s perfect! These pictures are all the proof you need.

Onion pink

Onion pink trend started last year, and this year it has fully taken over. Almost every wedding has a variation of this colour, and we can’t be mad because it is beautiful! Whether alone or mixed with other colours of the pink family, onion pink is an aso ebi colour that has come to stay. You can make yours as dark or light as you want and still be on trend.

trending asoebi colours

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(Photo: Instagram/asoebibella)


Silver is flashy but not too bright, and that makes it perfect as aso ebi colour. It also .s really well with embellishments and accessories like fringes. The best way to really slay silver aso ebi is to use it alone and don’t mix with other colours. You can change up your shoes and gele and accessories, but the colour is enough by itself.

trending asoebi colours

(Photo: Instagram/asoebibella)

Featured image: fashionstyle collage via @kosilisochukwu, @asoebibella, @iambisola.

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