These Are The Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2019


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wedding dates to avoid

Dear 2019 brides, it’s not enough to know the best months to get married, you should also know the wedding dates to avoid. So, if you’re set to fix a date, you might want to steer away from these days.

The wedding dates to avoid are not set in stone. However, avoiding them will make your wedding journey smoother. Days like:

Personally significant days

You should check you and your spouse’s calendar for days that are special to both families. It could be a reunion or someone’s birthday, or even a burial remembrance. It’s best to avoid such days so t.’s no conflict of interest.

wedding dates to avoid

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Holiday weekends

T. are pros and cons of having your wedding on a holiday weekend. You’ll be able to get enough rest, especially if the Monday after the weekend is free; but halls, travelling, hotels and rentals will be quite expensive at that time. Besides, it might be a religious holiday and your guests would rather be at their places of worship. It’s safer to go through the National holidays calendar first.

Wedding dates to avoid

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Religious and cultural holidays

If you’re from a religious family or your spouse is, you may want to avoid the days that are significant to the religion. For the traditional wedding (if you choose to have one), you should make enquiries about the sacred days of the community so that you don’t fix your wedding on a forbidden day and have to change it. Confirm days such as Holy Saturday, Ramadan, Iri Ji festivals, Oro festival e.t.c

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wedding dates to avoid

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Major sporting events

You don’t want people sitting in the hall and checking the time for the game, now, do you? Or people watching highlights on their phones while you’re saying “I do”. So, if you’re a sports-loving couple, and your friends are, it’s better not to put anyone in a corner. You can, however, turn your reception to a viewing centre!

wedding dates to avoid

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Unlucky days

It’s okay to be superstitious and not want your marriage to be jinxed by a date you can avoid. If you are, you can stay clear of days like Halloween, Friday the 13th, or any days that you feel may bring bad luck to you.

wedding dates to avoid

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Now that you know the wedding days to avoid, . are some wedding souvenirs that your guests will love.

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