I guess many of you had one owambe or the other to attend, well I didn’t but this week is the week and I want to be ready so I’ve surfed for aso-ebi styles that would represent me perfectly for my owambe trail blazing this weekend.  One thing I love is a well sewn aso-ebi style and another thing is an aso-ebi style with intricate detailing because that’s what separates the style. An aso-ebi style can also be spell binding, that means it can be easy on the eyes but gorgeous enough to keep you in awe, with this said I present the following aso-ebi styles for your viewing pleasure, make sure you have a piece to show your tailor (I already have).@empressmami













What did you think guys, how awesome was each aso-ebi style, the fabrics are all so awesome not to talk about the choice in design and detailing, there are so many options to choose from and they are all guaranteed to keep people spellbound so make sure to take close looks at each of the piece on display to figure out which look you would get custom made.

Did you like any of the aso-ebi styles? lets see what you think simply leave your comment in the comment box below, telling us if the aso-ebi styles are a Hit or a Miss.



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