These Besties Show Us How To Slay Matching Outfits For A Photoshoot!

Matching Outfits For A Photoshoot

Tag your besties, ASAP!

At the risk of sounding super cheesy, we think that matching outfits for a photo shoot could actually be a thing! Before you dismiss the idea, just hear us out for a second. With matching outfits, you and your squad have an equal chance to shine, without the photos looking too distracting, not to mention, there’s just something about girls information!

1. When black and yellow is too mainstream…

… opt for white and yellow. Duh! We are going crazy over these matching outfits for a photoshoot and the sunglasses are such a fabulous touch!

Matching Outfits For A Photoshoot, Zumi Kenya

Photo: WW Twins.

2. Not so short shorts.

Ok, this picture of matching outfits for a photo shoot is giving us vacation vibes; sandy beaches, yummy cocktails and a good book! We love the kitenge shorts and as much as the outfits match, their different personalities shine through the image!

Matching Outfits For A Photoshoot, Zumi Kenya

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Photo: WW Twins.

3. Melanin. Big Hair. Don’t Care.

Don’t you just love their graphic tees? There is just something so vibrant and mood enhancing the color yellow and these girls have pulled off matching same color tees with the so-hot-right-now berets.

Matching Outfits For A Photoshoot, Zumi Kenya

Photo: WW Twins.

4. Matching outfits for a photoshoot…

… have never looked so fiery! Remember when we told you just how much we are loving kitenge looks lately? This outfit has taken our undying love up a notch. The side slit skirts have a fabulous and casual flare to them and we like the tweaks in the tops, to accommodate their different preferences and personalities.

Matching Outfits For A Photoshoot, Zumi Kenya

Photo: WW Twins.

What do you think, girlies? Matching outfits for your next photoshoot, or nah? Vote and let us know your thoughts!

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