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You’ve been invited to a wedding but you dread the small fact that it might just be as boring as the last 5 you’ve attended. We know this feeling!
Boring wedding tips are the way to go! . are some of them:
1. Take pictures

You can’t go wrong with this activity. You can take pictures of yourself, or just be a good sport and go around taking candid pictures of people. Do well to stay out of the photographer’s way.

Boring wedding tips

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2. Go online

You can get lost and found in the world wide web. Find something fun to read or watch or do, and before you know it, it’s dance dance dance!

3. Find a small group

It’s a wedding after all. So mingle and find fellow bored folks who also want to mingle, but keep it small because you don’t want to start a party at another person’s party.

boring wedding tips

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4. Clear your emails

Yup! All that piled up mail from the week… This is such a grand opportunity to take your time and clear it off. Of course you know, we mean on your phone, right?

5. Hit the bar

If the wedding as  bar, we don’t see how and why anyone should be bored, but just in case you’re bored at a wedding with a bar… Chances are, you’re on the wrong side of the hall.

boring wedding tips

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