These Bridesmaid Dress Styles Will Make Your Squad Look Glamorous


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No bride is complete without her squad slaying beside her! Gone are the days w. bridesmaid dress styles used to be so ugly and old-fashioned, these days brides are glowing right alongside their girls.

Now, we know it can be a dilemma choosing what your girls wear and the styles to make, and so we’ve done the work for you. These bridesmaid dress styles will help you to make a decision that will have your girls the talk of the day.

Check these styles out:

1. Sexy and fitted

For the adventurous squad, this style that shows off a lot of back but keeps the front covered. Surprises are always fun, no?

bridesmaid dress styles

(Photo: Instagram/uniiquelyu)

2. Ladies in blue

We love mismatched bridesmaids because the styles can be modified to fit each body type, like this beautiful squad.

3. Bows, because they’re a gift

Not just to you, but to everyone at the wedding. Just looking at this gorgeousness is enough to make anyone’s day.

bridesmaid dress styles

(Photo: Instagram/coxiblaqofficial)

4. Burnt orange and ruffles

Her figure sells the style perfectly, and your squad will look divine in this style.

bridesmaid dress styles

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(Photo: Instagram/bellanaijaweddings)

5. Fresh green

Bridesmaids absolutely kill in green. Peep the slit style subtly showing some skin.

bridesmaid dress styles

(Photo: Instagram/munaluchibride)

6. Modest can be hot too

If you don’t want too much skin, this style is perfect and elegant.

bridesmaid dress styles

(Photo: Instagram/focusnblur)

7. Have your bridesmaids rock their personal styles

The touch of individuality will make your bridal squad so unique and beautiful.

If your squad is slaying, they will definitely complement you as the bride. And if you’re not the bride, you can show up at that wedding like a queen with these celebrity-inspired wedding guest styles.

Featured image: @yos_a via Instagram.



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