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The perfect wedding dress is ideal for that glamorous, and elegant finish on your big day and 2018 is definitely the year for unique wedding gown trends and maximum slayage.

These wedding gown trends have stolen our hearts and we think they’ve come to stay:

1. Detailed Gown With A Flared Finish

This has the perfect mix of drama and simplicity. Peep how the detail of the gown is used on the edges of the veil, very artistic and professional!

wedding gown trends

(Photo: Instagram/MaxellJennings)

2. Caped Wedding Gowns

If you’re a bride that loves being extra, then this trend is definitely for you. This wedding gown takes the word “royalty,” which is what every bride aims to be, to the next level.

wedding gown trends

(Photo: Bella Naija Weddings)

3. Ruffled Finish

Ever thought of ruffles as a wedding gown trend? Sounds unthinkable, but it all depends on w. it is attached. This beautiful dress is stunning and breathtaking. Definitely a head turner and show stopper.. Except, it’s your wedding, so the show can go on…

wedding gown trends

(Photo: Instagram/Bella Naija Weddings)

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4. Constructive Back View With A Bow

A fresh trend in latest wedding gowns we love is the constructive back views. These wedding dresses are very artistic and stunning. It’s almost like shocking the guests twice. First with the beautiful bride’s face, then the back view of the wedding dress. Absolutely brilliant!

wedding gown trends

(Photo: Instagram/Bella Naija Weddings)

5. Ball Gowns

Ball gowns are beautiful and work for basically every body type. It is usually available in minimal designs, or very detailed pieces like the one pictured below. Versatile and stunning.

wedding gown trends

(Photo: George Okoro Weddings)

6. Embellished Wedding Gowns

This beautiful and elegant wedding gown is very unique and unconventional. The gold embellishment, which is paired with a simple, plain finish is artistically detailed and stunning. We love how it sits like a royal piece made for just a princess.

wedding gown trends

(Photo: Instagram/sugarweddings)

Now let’s do the math; One of these looks coupled with the perfect accessories, and makeup, equals an effortless slay!

What are you waiting for? Pick one and look stunning on your big day. To complete the unique look, . are some bridal head piece ideas you can use instead of a veil



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