These Fabulous Suits Will Take You From Office Hours To Happy Hour!


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Fabulous Suits, Zumi Kenya

Meeting your squad after work will be so much easier with these fabulous suits!

Does anyone remember what our lives were before fabulous suits that allow us to easily transition our office look to something more appropriate for after hours? If you don’t recall, allow us to jog your memory. We would either;

a) Have to commute with luggage, that is, a change of clothes for the evening.

b) Battle with rush hour traffic, get home, change clothes and then go out.

c) Proceed with our after hours plan, in our odd, shiny skirt suits.

I don’t know about you, but none of these options seems appealing to us. Lol! Today, we have rounded up a list of some of the most stunning office wear, which will easily and stylishly take you through a day of work, and an evening of fun!

1. Magnificent magenta.

A fabulous suits list would not be complete without a perfectly tailored jumpsuit! Everything about this one-piece-wonder is stunning and we are in awe of the attention to detail by designer, Olamide! The one sided collar plays beautifully with the V-neck and this gem could easily pass for a two-piece suit!

Fabulous Suits, Zumi Kenya

.: Olamide.

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2. The most fabulous suits come in unexpected colours!

Unless your job dictates otherwise, we highly recommend you give the navy, blacks, greys and browns a rest and opt for some mood enhancing colours instead! The trousers have a fabulous hemline and we love how she went with a simple colour palette of white and yellow!

Fabulous Suits, Zumi Kenya

.: Mariam Musa.

3. Pastel perfect.

Just in case bright colours are a bit of a reach for you, this pastel perfect situation might just be the perfect way to ease into unexpected colours. A major key when it comes to fabulous suits is the fabric and this one is perfect!

Fabulous Suits, Zumi Kenya

.: Ladybiba.

4. Fabulous suits and fanny packs are a thing now!

Yap! Fashion never ceases to amaze! We agree, this look as is would not be office appropriate. Lol! For work, definitely lose the fanny pack and where a nice blouse underneath, then do the necessary for an evening of weekday cocktails 😛

Fabulous Suits, Zumi Kenya

.: Layllahstyle.

Easy, peasy! Which suit will you get tailored ASAP?

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