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Activities such as tossing the bouquet, spraying money, and dances are all fun and games, but they can get boring and no one likes boring. Wedding games will definitely spice up the day, and trust us, spiced up is the way to go!

Some unique and fun wedding games you can try are:

1. Karaoke

Everybody likes some music; both young and old and although they’ll be shy at first, people will loosen up when they hear and remember all their favourite love songs. It will be fun! Especially when the voices are terrible!

wedding games

(Photo: Sugar Weddings)

2. Video booth

This is like having the photo shoot, but with an additional twist. You can get your guests to give date night advice, or say things they love about you, tips to help you in your marriage or just goofy stuff. Remember to tell your MC to keep announcing so that people can participate.

Fun bridal shower games

(Photo: Photogenic Photobooth)

3. Shoe game

This is becoming a thing at most weddings because of how fun it is. The couple gets to find out a lot about themselves and they can share it with their friends and family. Let’s hope the MC has amazing questions.

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wedding games

(Photo: Instagram/Kevin Obosi)

4. Couple questions

The older couples will definitely enjoy this. It’ll form some bonding and also help them not feeling left out from all the other ‘young people’ games. You’ll need to make the questions easier so they don’t get so many wrong; don’t go and cause trouble oh!

5. Dance off

What’s a Nigerian party without some gbedu? The dance off can be between the bridesmaids and the grooms men, or just friends or family you know like to dance.. It can either be planned or unplanned.

wedding games

(Photo: Wedding Forward)

Wedding games can be tricky because the wedding can get rowdy, but with the MC and the ushers doing things right, everyone will have so much fun!

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