These Hairstyles Are Perfect For This Rainy Season


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‘Rain rain go away, come again another day, not so little Alice wants to slay”. Only in nursery rhymes, can you speak to the weather and have it obey you. In real life, the rain doesn’t really care about you and if you want to slay, you’ll need to be prepared.

Every lady’s biggest concern when she is out in the rain is her hair. Having an umbrella handy always works but sometimes, you forget it somew.. Or it just can’t fit into that cute handbag you love so you purposely drop it, praying to God that it doesn’t rain. And then it does *evil laugh*.

Rather than praying and taking that risk, try these five hairstyles that are perfect for the rainy season. With these hairstyles, even if you get wet, you can restyle them in no time.

Wear Wigs

The great thing about wearing wigs is the speed with which you can whip them off your head. Like you can literally go from ”Stephanie” to ”Shalewa ” (no offence) in 5 seconds. But yeah, that’s not the point. For the rainy season, you don’t have to worry about ruining your hair. Just take off the wig and shove it in your bag. Even if your natural hair gets wet, it’s a lot easier to manage than a weave.

hairstyles for the rainy season

(Photo: Instagram/tw.wigs)


So braids or twists might not be as convenient as wigs but they still work for the rainy season. If it gets wet, all you need to do is blow dry it when you get home and your hair will be as good as new.

hairstyles for the rainy season

(Photo: Pinterest / Queen Mentality)


This is also a really good hairstyle for the rainy season. The fact that t. are no hair extensions used is what makes it a good option because it’ll dry pretty quickly.

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(hairstyles for the rainy season)

Instagram / Afua Rida

Faux Bun

We like this because it takes your hair from drool to cool in seconds. And it’s a perfect hairstyle for the rainy season because all you have to do is unclip the bun and toss it in your bag. Kinda like a wig, but with this, you wouldn’t look dramatically different like you would when you take off your wig.

hairstyles for the rainy season)

(Photo: Youtube via Epitome of BRI)

Faux ponytail

This is the same idea as the faux bun but for people who prefer ponytails. But remember that the idea is to use a ponytail clip-on, not a sew-in and do NOT gel down your hair. If your hair is gelled, it’ll be really messy when wet and you’ll have to wash it.

(hairstyles for the rainy season)

(Photo: Youtube via Lexis Hair)

That’s not all, did you know that you can also rain-proof your make-up? Find out how ..

(Featured image: Youtube via Epitome of BRI/ Pinterest via Queen Mentality)

. These Hairstyles Are Perfect For This Rainy Season . fashionstyle.


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