These Myths About Brides Needs To Be Dumped Today!fashionstyle


To debunk myths about brides, we need to realize that brides are people with different personalities and tastes, so they shouldn’t be thrown into one bag.

All they want is to have the perfect wedding, so let’s debunk these myths about brides, shall we?

They have to wear white

In an era w. we can dare to be different, black is just as acceptable for a wedding as white is, and although t. might be people who want to wear a white gown, t. are also a lot of brides who wear different colours. So, don’t discourage that trendy bride.

They need a maid of honor

What if they don’t want to single out one person to be the maid of honor? How about those who have guys as their best friends. So, yes, they can have a beautiful wedding without a maid of honor.

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They can’t see the groom before the joining

Yeah, we love the dramatic moment when the groom sees the bride in church, but some of the most amazing expressions can’t be captured during the main ceremony because he’s busy trying to be prim and proper. Dear bride, you can plan to see your husband before the joining and t.’ll be no bad luck.

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What other myths about brides have you heard? Share them with us in the comment section. Meanwhile, . are some wedding taboos you might want to know.




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