Want to step out picture perfect every time? Then it’s time to pay attention to your whole get-up. Think details to stand you apart.

As much as you should know that less is more; because simplicity they say is the ultimate sophistication, you don’t want to pass up the chance to get heads turning your way! Yeah, sometimes we are vain too. So looking to give your outfit an instant lift? We’ve got you:


Switch up any plain outfits with the perfect embellishments. Rock details as mesh, sequin, and metallic as part of your look to stand out from the crowd. These stylish accents work perfectly for a night out.

Stylish Details

(Photo: Instagram / Bonang_m)

Stylish Details

(Photo: Instagram / Bonang_m)


When it comes to frills, we cannot emphasise enough how much of a difference it can make. If you are used to streamlined silhouettes, leave it to ruffles, pleats, and peplums to give your look the ultimate sassy accent. They are details that can’t be missed.

Stylish Details

(Photo: Instagram / Romeosfashionfix)


Cutouts are the perfect way to show skin. Not too much but just enough sultry. Opt for outfits that have cutouts in different sections like the midriff, shoulder and back.

Stylish Details

(Photo: Instagram / Mariipvzz)

Lace / Eyelet

This detail is a way to get your look grown-up/ matured, flirty, elegant and chic all at the same time. This look by style influencer Chicamastyle is everything.

Stylish Details

(Photo: Instagram / Chicamastyle)


Unique accessories will definitely get you noticed. Go for unconventional designs from your earrings to your sunnies, bags, shoes and even brooches to give your outfit an instant oomph.

Stylish Details

(Photo: Instagram / Sarahlanga)

Stylish Details

(Photo: Instagram / Stylevitae)

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