These Style Tricks Will Help You Hide Your Baby Bump Nicely


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hide your baby bump

Hiding a baby bump has become a trend these days. A lot of people want to keep their lives private and we totally understand.

Successfully hiding a baby bump is a sort of art that requires skill and a lot of forethought. It also requires you trying on and taking off a lot of clothes before settling on the right one. However, with a few tricks, you will be able to hide your baby bump until you are ready for the big reveal.

Invest In Loose Blouses And Boyfriend Shirts
hide your baby bump

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Loose blouses are great for when your bump is still in its early stages. Both satin and chiffon blouses will work perfectly for hiding your bump. You can also wear a cashmere or denim boyfriend shirt.  It can also be an oversized sweater styled with a smart pencil skirt or tailored pants, you will look smart and elegant and no one will suspect a thing.

Go For Peplum Tops
hide your baby bump

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With their cinched waist and flare, peplum tops have proven to be the go-to outfit for pregnant ladies who are looking to hide their bump. You can go for a peplum top that is one size bigger than your regular size. And if anyone is nosey enough to ask, just say you’ve gained weight.

Accessorize! A lot!

The idea is to get people’s attention away from your tummy. So accessorize in a distracting way, give them something else to talk about. Try accessorizing with a fancy scarf, long chains, a chunky necklace, a cute fascinator…. anything to get the attention off your belly.

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Indulge In Prints, Patterns And Stripes
hide your baby bump


Prints are a great way to hide your bump. With all the activity going on with your fabric, it will be hard to see any bump you might have, so pattern it up! Stripes, polka-dots, flowers, or plaid, it will all work. If you are not sure how to match patterns, you might want to read this.

All Black Errythang!
hide your baby bump

(Photo: FabWoman)

Everyone knows black makes you look slimmer, so wearing black to hide your baby bump is totally going to work.

Of course, t. is no way to completely hide your bump for 9 full months but with these tips, you can scale through the first 4 months of your pregnancy undetected.

Featured Image via Instagram/@lindaikeji

. These Style Tricks Will Help You Hide Your Baby Bump Nicely . fashionstyle.


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