These Tips Will Help You Pair Plain Outfits Fabulously


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Plain Outfits

Outfits with prints are perceived as fun and vibrant but sometimes, you can leave it to plain outfits to do the trick and watch how they turn out just as fab!

Plain outfits can be tricky to put together just because they come off as blank canvases. It’s the reason people find prints easier to work with and why they are so popular. But recently, plain outfits have been gaining ground which is why we are sharing tips on how to pair them just right – if you haven’t gotten a hang of it still.

Going Monochrome
Plain Outfits

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Merging pieces of the same colour to form an entire look is probablyΒ the easiest trick in the book. Monochrome pieces leave you looking chic and polished. If you know your way around colours, you could also pair two tones of a rich hue to achieve a super stylish look as well.

Try Colour Blocking
Plain Outfits

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If monochrome outfits don’t seem like the right option for you, colour blocking might just be your thing! T.’s really no trick to this option other than experimenting till you find the right balance. From trying out outfits with bold hues to more neutral tones, the options are endless.

Plain Outfits

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Play With Textures
Plain Outfit

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Whether you like monochrome fits or dig colour blocking, .ing with textures applies as well. You can pair a silk shirt and a silk skirt in the same colour or different colours. Also, wearing a crotchet bralette with crepe blazer and pants in the same colour gives the illusion of a nice contrast.

Plain Outfits

(Photo: Instagram / Olarslim)

Speaking of contrasts, check out the range of fabulous colour block outfits we curated a while back .!

Featured image via Jtofashion, Olarslim, Simplycyn

. These Tips Will Help You Pair Plain Outfits Fabulously . fashionstyle.


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