Things MEN DO That IRRITATE Most Ladies As Hell


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Adjusting your privates in public
This is as annoying as it gets when it comes to guys. I mean some guys don’t even try to disguise it at all, they just reach down there and start adjusting and scratching around.

Please put it together before you leave, and if you need to adjust, excuse yourself to the bathroom. Unless of course you’re Michael Jackson, then you’re fine

Wear Too Much Cologne

We know you got nice cologne, and it does smell nice but do you have to bath in it? A spray or 2 is all you need. You should not be spraying it all over your clothes, and body, even if you’re trying to cover up an odor. I mean how can we breathe around you?

Even worse you don’t want to induce an asthma attack.

Touch Her Hair That She Just Did

She just did her hair, and you feel like it’s the right time to start playing with it? No sir, please keep your hands to yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, we women like it when guys . with our hair, but if she just spent a lot of money on doing that hair then just don’t touch it… yet.

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Ask for Nμdεs
If a girl wants to send you nμdεs more than likely she will send. Asking (or even worse begging) for nu-des is a big turn off for any decent girl. I mean there are girls who dash them out to any and everyone, but you don’t want those girls surely. Or maybe you do. Point is, don’t go begging for nu-des all the times from girls. It’s annoying. Wait for it, and it’ll come to you if you deserve it.

Initiate a Text Conversation Then Stop Responding
You start a conversation, and then midway through the conversation you just stop replying. Then 2 hours later you reply to prove to us that you’re in fact not dead. So why start up a conversation if you don’t intend on continuing. Urgh

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Reply text messages with ‘K’
Nothing is quite as annoying as a single word answer, or even worse a single letter. If she sends you a long text message or a message that has some substantial stuff to it, the least you could do is reply with more than one word. Thanks.

Call Girls Females

Female what? Female Rhino? Female Peacock? A lot of guys might not know this but a lot of women find this offensive, and very sεxist. So when you want to refer to a woman, just call her a woman, or girl, or babe, or even better, her name. That works perfectly.

Question What She

Women like to shop. It’s therapeutic, and do we feel bad sometimes for overspending? Yes we do, but we dont need you questioning it, or reminding us. Yes I do need that $60 bottle of lotion. It was on sale.

Leave The Toilet Sit Up
This is a no-brainer, but for some reason men have not been able to get this stuck in their heads. I mean do we have to start training boys from the womb for this to stick? It’s forgivable if it’s your place, but when you’re at her place or you guys live together, just remember to ALWAYS put the toilet seat down. Signed all women in the planet.

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